Burger King’s Big King is back!

Last year, Burger King launched the Big King, tickling the palates of Kiwis with a bigger, flame-grilled, secret saucier, no-unnecessary-bun interpretation of a certain iconic McDonald’s burger.

And such was the success of the Big King that BK is bringing it back. And even McDonald’s is impressed: “we concede that the Big King is bigger than the Big Mac” a ASA 2020 finding states.

Last year’s burger sales exceed targets by 131 percent, and drove an overall uplift for Burger King of +12 percent.

Jono Key, Principal Partner at Pitchblack says: “Last year, Burger King again found its challenger roots, with a clear product differentiator in flame-grilling. It’s been a fantastic campaign encouraging New Zealanders to taste the difference.”

Andrea Spearman, Head of marketing at Burger King adds: “We believe in bold work that gets attention and delivers sales, and once again the team at Pitchblack Partners & Jetblack Productions have delivered in spades. Big King 2.0 is already setting new records.”

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