Burger King continues to kowtow to Parker’s demands

After Joseph Parker dominated the German champ last weekend and won in the second round, Burger King had to honour the pledge it made to its new mascot (under duress) and sell Whoppers for $2. And Parker’s thunder face has returned.  

The $3 Bomb is back, because Joseph Parker wanted it back. And we can’t say no to Joe!

Posted by Burger King NZ on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Burger King put its name on Parker’s Road to the Title events this year, and overseas it has had a long connection to boxing, with ads featuring Evander Holyfield, sponsorship of the Jamaican team and terrible product placements in video games. Its mascot, The King, recently accompanied Floyd Mayweather into the stadium for his fight against Manny Pacquiao and, according to Business Insider, it paid $1 million for the privilege and got a whole heap of attention, much of it negative for supporting someone who has twice been convicted of domestic violence. 

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