Burger King attracts hungry mouths as Backyard BK receives thousands of entries–UPDATED


Burger King’s ‘Backyard BK BBQ’ campaign via Colenso BBDO which was launched last week, and allows punters to apply online for a chance to cook their mates some juicy Whopper burgers has seen impressive results, with more than 11,000 entries so far.

A Colenso BBDO release says the response to the campaign has been amazing, exceeding the entire campaign’s targets after just over four days. “To date more than 11,500 entries have been received,” the release says.

Burger King NZ general manager of marketing James Woodbridge says he is thrilled with the response to the campaign to date. “And to have this many entries just shows how many Burger King fans are keen to experience the flame grilled taste for themselves. We’ve always had an active and engaged group of social followers so we can’t wait to see what they share from there own personal Backyard BKs.”

Backyard Burger King kits are being given away through a TV, digital, in-store and social campaign with potential candidates being directed to apply at backyardbk.co.nz.

The campaign still has two months to run, and 50 kits will be given away.

Original story: 27 January

Yes, it’s true, most of us are back at work. But as Auckland’s ridiculously humid, hot, sticky weather has proved lately, summer is still very much here. It’s not quite time to pack away the barbecue and shake the sand out of the beach towels just yet. Burger King has launched a new campaign via Colenso BBDO to remind us of this fact, which allows fast food aficionados to apply online to host a ‘Backyard BK BBQ’ to feed their hungry mates.

The competition was launched on Burger King NZ’s Facebook page on Sunday with a video ad outlining the competition and how to apply by visiting the Backyard BK website.

Want to open a BK in your backyard and cook like we do? All you need is a BBQ and some hungry mates. Register now at www.backyardbk.co.nz

Posted by Burger King NZ on Saturday, 23 January 2016

For the campaign, Burger King is giving away 50 ‘Backyard Burger King Kits’, to be delivered by a Burger King representative, which include all the ingredients needed to make 16 Whopper burgers. The kits also include a bit of branded paraphernalia (to be expected), like an apron, cups, light up sign, cap and cooking instructions.

The only catch is that applicants must own a barbecue.

The promotion will run until Sunday 13 March.

StopPress has contacted Colenso about the campaign, but no one was available to comment at the time. We will update the story accordingly.

This is one of a string of creative campaigns Colenso has worked on for the fast food giant.

Early in 2014, Burger King launched ‘Motel Burger King’ (for which it won a bunch of awards) to lure customers away from beef-based options on its menu, encouraging Kiwis to cheat on beef by sampling something from its new range of chicken-based options. 

To ensure that the cheating happened in private, the fast food chain converted the Ocean Inn Motel in Northcote into an extension of its brand.

The road front sign, toiletries, dressing gowns, slippers, stationery, towels and reception area were all rebranded to reflect the fast food chain’s insignia, and the beds in each room were replaced with two booths and a table.

Not long before, it released a campaign using in-store footage of customers in a promotion for the ‘Outlaw Burger’.

Prior to this work Burger King and Colenso launched a campaign, that addressed how much pre-roll ads suck by creating 64 unique pre-roll ads that called out the ads for being a nuisance.

Each ad was linked to the video that the viewer originally searched for and came with a customised line that mentioned the desired content.

Colenso has taken some real risks with its work for Burger King. And while we haven’t been impressed by all of them, like its irreverent ad for Burger King’s release of its lamb burger, It’s nice to see the agency taking a bit of a gamble, which for the most part, has resulted in some very compelling—and in some cases well-awarded—work. 

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