Brother from another udder: Anchor gets poetic about milk

Anchor and Colenso BBDO have released the next series of videos in the ‘Go Strong’ campaign, this time turning to slam poetry to highlight the benefits of milk and the strength it gives us.

The three new videos have very differently visual styles to share their message about milk but all lean on the lyrical skills of Grand Slam Poetry Champion Harry Baker to tell the story.

The ‘Real’ video gets up close and personal with New Zealanders to watch them smile, as Baker celebrates milk’s ability to improve our grins with healthy teeth.

It’s not about those “docile, placid, over-practised, photo-static, selfie faces,” he rattles as various Kiwis grin for the camera. 

For the ‘Blank Canvas’ video, its Parris Goebel and two of her crew who interpret Baker’s words, with bold and precise movements to reflect the way milk makes our bodies stronger.

There may not be any music for the dancers, but the marriage of Baker’s words and the choreography makes it hard to turn away.

And at just over two minutes, ‘Inside-out’ is the longest of them all, as it summarises all the benefits of milk, starting with the taste before explaining how milk unlocks the best in us with its calcium, vitamins, minerals and protein.

Visualising the poem is a grey-scale montage by Assembly of everything Baker mentions, including a cow and representative symbols of the vitamins and minerals, while the words appear on the screen for added emphasis.

It was early 2016 when Anchor launched the ‘Go Strong’ branding, and Colenso BBDO international group business director Rachel Morgan, told StopPress it’s about celebrating the fact strength can manifest itself in a number of ways that have little to do with physicality.

To prove this, the launch came with a series of videos, profiling incredible New Zealanders, including a Drag Queen, mature dancer, a singer and a pair of trampolinists.

The campaign then went on to support New Zealand’s athlete’s competing at the Rio Olympics, with a series of videos explaining how the calcium is an important part of the athletes’ diets.



Agency: Colenso BBDO
Client: Fonterra
Andy Dasgupta: Chief Marketing Officer
Clare Morgan: Marketing Director
Otavio Faccina: GM Anchor
​Kevin Taffs: Marketing Manager
Poems by Harry Baker
Production Company (‘Inside-out’, ‘Real’): Assembly
Production Company (‘Blank Canvas’): Brett Goebel & Parris Goebel via Studio 23
Filmmaker/DOP (‘Real’): Megan Au
Sound Design: Peter Hobbs, Harmonic Studio
Media Agency: MediaCom

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