Briscoes claims Christmas victory in latest Ad Impact round

The Briscoes Lady, known to her loved ones as Tammy Wells, has become something of an advertising legend, appearing as the face of the retailer for over 25 years. And despite spending so much time in front of the camera, it appears she hasn’t lost her touch, winning the latest round of Colmar Brunton’s Ad Impact Awards.

This edition of the award is particularly sweet for the retailer (and its agency, Ogilvy & Mather) because it featured several ads produced in the lead up to Christmas, one of the most competitive periods in the advertising calendar (particularly for retail brands).

The ad takes viewers on a journey through a family’s Christmas, including children playing outside and men cooking on the BBQ.

“This story epitomises the New Zealand Kiwi summer Christmas and togetherness of the festive season that consumers can all relate to, overall delivering a heart-warming ad,” said the Colmar Brunton release on the announcement.

Consumers scored the ad highly on its impact measures, finding the Christmas scenes enjoyable and engaging to create a memorable ad.

“Viewers also find the ad persuasive, as it made them feel that Briscoes delivered the main things they need from a homeware store,” said the release. “This all culminates in a strong emotional response from viewers to the ad, with a strong sense of brand affinity and appeal created; helping to build long term brand equity for Briscoes.”

As is to be expected during the Christmas months, it was a battle of the retail brands, with Briscoes pipping Countdown’s ‘Food Glorious Food’ spot to take the crown. 

What’s notable abut both these spots is that they’re slightly more endearing than the standard retail fare that’s produced by these brands. And this is in some ways reflective of the global trend that has seen many retailers adopt a more creative approach to advertising during the Christmas period. And while neither of these ads are quite as jaw-droppingly good as the John Lewis spots, it’s certainly refreshing tyo see retail brands becoming slightly more creative, albeit only during set periods of the year.   

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