Bright young things? CB Youth gets to grips with Kiwi 20 Somethings

Colmar Brunton’s latest study into the mysterious yoof realm has put 20 somethings under the microscope and some of the results show why marketers shouldn’t be treating those aged between 15 –30 as one group.

CBYouth’s Spencer Willis says one of the most interesting sections of the study, which was based on 493 interviews (52 percent female/48 percent male, average time taken to complete was 12 minutes and the survey was completed online with respondents incentivised with the FlyBuys reward system), was the brands they like vs brands they love question.

The first surprise is the lack of premium high-end, aspirational brands in the love lists and the second is the similarity between the loves and likes, with Sony and Apple sharing the honours.

Brands 20 somethings like

Brands 20 somethings love

“Is this a case of growing up and love no longer being mystical?” writes Willis. “It’s now about relationships and 20 somethings want a relationship with a brand, or at least an attachment. How else does Wattie’s and Homebrand appear on the same list as Apple and Karen Walker?”

When asked what they would spend $10,000 on, aside from paying off debt, 49 percent of respondents said they would spend some of it on a holiday or travel, 27 percent would spend some of it on a new house or improvements to their current house, and 18 percent would spend some of it on a new car or improvements to their current car.

Only one female in the entire sample said she would invest some of the money, while 16 males said they would and our ethnic minorities would be more likely to spend it on education and investments, while only 27 percent would spend some on a holiday or travel.

17 percent of New Zealanders with Maori or Pacific Island heritage would give some of it to family and friends, in keeping with the fact that those with low incomes are significantly more likely to donate some of the money to charity.

As far as motivation goes, being rewarded in the work place, be it by being given a pay rise or simply by being complimented, is enjoyed more than sporting victories. And professional endorsement is far more important for young women than young men.

Being financially rewarded for work is regarded as being better than sex  for the young’uns. And, in what could be seen as a sad indictment of the future of New Zealand romance, chilling on the couch is deemed just as good as indulging in carnal pleasures.

When it comes to the environment, one third of the respondents stated they consciously change their behaviour to do whatever they can and close to two thirds said they’re aware of the issues but only do the basics.

Download the full study here. CB Youth 20 Somethings Presentation FINAL

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