Bright sparks make Telecom shine

New_Telecom_logoAfter successfully polarising the nation on its new “self-expressive” logo, Telecom has delivered with its new TVC, featuring eight everyday Kiwis, whiz-bang graphics and a bright, positive attitude.

telecom ad

Several graphic and multimedia artists created original artwork to help illustrate the ‘heroes’ and what makes them spark. The images are effectively digitally projected on the sides of buildings.

The theme song is the gospel classic This Little Light of Mine, reworked by Peter van der Fluit of Liquid Studios (and ex Screaming Meemee). It’s a cute rendition that will be either imitated profusely or become profusely irritating after multiple exposure.

telecom heroesTelecom has created a website to celebrate its “new identity” that’s “more than just a logo”. Visit www.lightofmine.co.nz to see the ad and the making of. You also have a chance to win your object of desire that represents your passion.

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