Bree-thing new life into the AMRO

The Association of Market Research Organisations (AMRO) has appointed a new executive director, none other than the Marketing Guy ®, Rob Bree. 

Bree’s appointment comes as former director and industry legend David Innes steps down in order to focus on his RBA commitments.

“Among other challenges, the intention is to get AMRO and the market research community generally on the front foot in government and business circles and drive an agenda which supports quality market intelligence and deals with any shonky ‘cowboy’ practices masquerading as research,” says Bree.

The new appointment gives Bree, who is already the EFFIEs convenor of judges, another notch on his marketing strategist belt. With an extensive background working with consumer brands in the Asia-Pacific region, Bree moved to consultancy work in 2005, working with big client names including Charlies Trading Company, the Newspaper Advertising Bureau, AMI Insurance and Pizza Hut.

But fear not if you think the new appointment means the end of the Marketing Guy ®. Bree wants to make it clear he is still available for consulting, project and facilitation work.

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