Boundary Road Brewery brings Chocolate Moose out of the wilderness

When Boundary Road Brewery (BRB) re-launched its Chocolate Moose Chocolate Porter, it didn’t want the announcement to go unnoticed with a simple social media post, so it turned to TBWA and Robbers Dog to bring back the moose with an epic journey.

A near two-minute long video has been shared via the brewery’s Facebook page that follows an anthropomorphic moose dressed as a porter as it emerges from a forest and makes its way back to the city.

It’s a bold way to announce a product and TBWA executive creative director Christy Peacock say’s his team didn’t take the brief from Independent Liquor (of which BRB is a subsidiary); instead, it took guidance from the brewery’s fans.

Late last year, the agency worked with Boundary Road Brewery to re-launch the brand with new packaging and new series of beers. Unfortunately for fans, some of the collateral damage was the loss of the Chocolate Moose Chocolate Porter brew.

BRB senior brand manager Andy Havill says as soon as the last of the Chocolate Moose six-packs were leaving store shelves, it had people emailing and Facebook messaging it asking where the brew had gone and whether it would be coming back.

“We were overwhelmed by people’s love of Chocolate Moose, so after a few months of requests we decided we’d better bring back the moose and keep everyone happy,” he says.

It’s that response, Peacock says, that served as the brief for the project. And once BRB had made some adjustments to the brew—upsizing it and giving it a stronger chocolate flavor—TBWA and Robbers Dog put together the digital campaign to alert fans it was back.

Peacock says while it could’ve just done a photograph and text post on BRB’s Facebook, it wanted to do  “something wonderful” with the launch so it decided to create the bigger video.

“We thought, ‘what’s an attractive way to do it?’ And having a moose emerge from the wilderness was the way to do it,” Peacock says.

The idea also lent itself to some beautiful stills that were shared before the video went live to tease fans and let them know something was coming.

“TBWA captured the essence of the return of our Chocolate Moose Chocolate Porter, turning what could have been a pretty standard product relaunch into an epic journey that should create interest and intrigue,” Havill says.


Production Company: Robbers Dog 
Director: Daniel Borgman
Producer: Anna Stuart
Sound Design: Liquid Studios
Composer: Pete van de Fluit 
Post Production: Blockhead
Editor: Alex Shaunesy 
Agency Producer: Nick Barnes
Executive Creative Director: Christy Peacock
Julian Andrews: Creative Director
Watchara Tansrikeat: Senior Art Director 
Business Director: Angelina Farry
Account Director: Aimee Knox

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