Brands meeting customers both online and offline come out on top

Consumer spending fell at the start of the global pandemic, however online purchases have continued to grow with research from New Zealand Post showing over a third of Kiwis buy the majority of their products online.

And according to new research by Kantar for Google New Zealand, online interactions are playing a bigger part in the path to purchase as online shopping has grown in response to Covid-19.

Key findings include:

  • 62 percent of Kiwis interacting with a brand online and offline would purchase from that brand again
  • When signing up to or purchasing a service, 84 percent of Kiwis interacted with brands via two or more channels (in store, website, app)
  • Over 300,000 Kiwis made an online purchase for the first time
  • There were 2.16 million online shoppers in New Zealand between January and March 2021, 135,000 more than the year before
  • 1 in 3 tried curbside pickup or click and collect for the first time
  • Over 1 in 3 bought a product online they’ve previously only ever bought in store
  • Almost 2 in 5 purchased from at least one new store they’ve never shopped with before in the past month

Google Australia and New Zealand Director of Retail, Renee Gamble says: “We know that online and offline have long been considered to play quite different roles along the purchase journey. This research highlights the changing nature of how Kiwis decide what to buy. 

“It serves as an important reminder to media decision makers to always rethink their media plans and understand the need to be there across all touchpoints – online and offline – to successfully connect with their customers.”

Gamble says the main lessons for marketers and advertisers are:

  • ‘Be there’ by making products and services discoverable online. Consumers are more discerning about where and how they want to engage, and the expectation is that brands will meet them wherever they are.
  • ‘Connect’ online and offline experiences. Brands need to build stronger relationships with customers and boost both digital and in-store performance by building continuous connections.
  • Future-proof your business. Brands need to set the stage for long-term growth with a game plan beyond the pandemic.

The research was released as part of the new On The Line series hosted by Rachel Corbett, which explores consumer expectations, trends, latest research, and insights from industry experts.

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