The brand support keeping Emirates Team New Zealand afloat—UPDATED


Nespresso has been keeping up with the yachting since it all kicked off in Bermuda with Sam Wallace acting as its foreign correspondent.

With Wallace alongside the team every step of the way, Nespresso posted a number of interviews and behind-the-scenes footage on its Facebook page, including this video about how meteorologist Roger Badham makes big race calls on the day.

And as Emirates Team New Zealand crossed the line in the final race, Nespresso shared this image and a congratulatory message.

Nespresso is also offering one complimentary coffee to each supporter who visits its On The Go takeaway coffee bar wearing red socks between now and Sunday 2nd July.


During the competition, Toyota was drumming up support for Emirates Team New Zealand in Bermuda with an open letter that ran in the country’s media. It then followed up with some images on Facebook showing New Zealand’s South Island transformed into Bermuda.

In one of the posts, Toyota hinted Whittaker’s might send Bermuda something special and the chocolate brand responded with an image of Emirates Team New Zealand with Peanut Slabs for foils.

Following the win, we saw Billie and her grandad—introduced in earlier this year with the brand’s ongoing ‘Believe’ campaign—up early in their pyjamas celebrating in front of the TV.

The pair got into the boating spirit in an earlier video, in which they shared some banter over new and old technology.


As the official technology supplier onboard the boat, HP New Zealand shared this video after the win to show how it helped Emirates Team New Zealand achieve lift off.

And throughout the competition, HP’s was letting New Zealanders experience what it was like to be on board Emirates Team New Zealand with a simulation of the bikes. Some of those who gave it a go shared a message for the sailing team in Bermuda.


As a partner of both Emirates Team New Zealand and New Zealand Rugby, it’s been a busy month for Steinlager. But it’s managed to keep New Zealanders up to date with the latest news with a series of score updates on its Facebook page.

When news broke of the win, it promised to save a few drinks to top up the Auld Mug when the Emirates Team New Zealand team returned home.

The support wasn’t just seen on its Facebook page. Throughout the competition, Steinlager collected hundreds of messages of support from New Zealanders and shared them all on its website.


ASB is also a commercial partner of New Zealand Rugby and Emirates Team New Zealand. It found time to give some support to the boys on the water with a series of Facebook posts featuring ‘#seaofsupport’, including this one, which was published as a full page NZ Herald ad following the win. The sea is full of the names of people who signed up to its Sea of Support.


Another brand keeping New Zealanders up to date with the yachting news via Facebook was Torpedo7. As well as sharing its own messages of support, it also asked New Zealanders to contribute messages of encouragement in order to put those all in one video.

Its final post following the win congratulated the efforts of the Emirates Team New Zealand team.


And yet another brand getting amongst both the rugby and sailing is Vodafone. For the action on the water, the telco fittingly shared competition news via its Facebook page in the form of live videos  featuring interviews with the team and commentary from the experts in Bermuda.

Its final post was a cheeky renaming of the America’s Cup to the ‘New Zealand’s Cup’.


Motorsports brand Prielli is no stranger to speed and it was exploring new road with Emirates Team New Zealand. But as it found in this video, water is just another road full of start lights, turns and curbs. 

Yamaha Marine New Zealand

Not only was Yamaha Marine New Zealand sharing its support for Emirates Team New Zealand on social media, as this post points out, it was literally backing the boys all the way in the Yamaha powered chase boats.


Omega has been backing Team New Zealand since 1995 and this time around, it created a themed watch that was featured in a series of Facebook videos.


Naming sponsor Emirates congratulated the team with a poster calling them ‘Flying Heroes’ and a competition for fans to meet them in Dubai before joining them on the flight home to New Zealand.



Although Pakn’Save wasn’t an official sponsor of Emirates Team New Zealand, it congratulated the team following the win with a reenactment of a yacht race in a supermarket aisle.

The race saw the Americans drop the tin foil while New Zealand asked Jimmy Spithill for some extra cash.

  • Note: This story was updated to include the Emirates creative.

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