Boundary Road Brewery’s can vs bottle debate

Beer snobs amongst StopPress’ regulars probably have an opinion on whether the amber liquid tastes better from a bottle or a can. Anecdotally, there’s a perception that canned-beer is of lower quality than the bottled variant and makes the drinker look like a lout – an image that Boundary Road Brewery and its agency Barnes, Catmur and Friends are attempting to push aside with their ‘Blind Taste Test’ campaign.

Boundary Road has launched its first beer cans and is taking the opportunity to knock down can naysayers with online, radio and outdoor executions touting the results of its blind taste tests. According to the brewery’s research, conducted by what we assume are two scientists (because they’re wearing lab coats), most people can’t tell one from the other when they’re poured into a third container type – a glass.

The web video above was produced by Pure is supported by a Facebook app developed internally by Barnes Catmur, which asks people to answer questions about beer cans in return for free alcohol (for testing purposes, of course).

This isn’t the first time Boundary Road and Barnes Catmur have used blind taste tests to market its wares. In fact, the brand launched its flagship craft beer The Chosen One with a taste test involving 999 alcohol aficionados .


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