Bolly judges fall into deep e-swoon over Special Group’s ‘Living Office’ banner

It received a fantastic response from StopPress readers when it went live and, not surprisingly, Special Group, Exposure and Salt Interactive’s ‘Living Office’ banner for Orcon has also found favour with the judges of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s September Bolly Award.

It’s a rare and unique, beast: an entertaining banner ad. And if you didn’t see it, you can check it out here.

Judge one, James Mok, executive creative director of DraftFCB, said he saw it online and it instantly caught his eye.

“It definitely invites you to play. Good use of rich media with a clever use of technology without the technology ever getting in the way. Playful way of depicting life in business in an Orcon sort of way.”

Vaughn Davis, creative director at Y&R, said the Orcon ad started well then just got better and better. And he thought the sound was especially well done, “particularly the bloke welcoming the new receptionist.”

And John Madden, creative director of The Digital Agency and Spitfire, said it was an engaging and creative idea.

“A lot of effort has gone into it and the experience is a rewarding one. Nice to see a banner that engages and entertains.”

The BollyAwards are all about encouraging great online creative. And Alisa Higgins, IAB’s marketing manager, says there’s been a big improvement in the quality of entries since the awards were born earlier this year. Although, in saying that, no award was dished out last month as the judges didn’t think any of the entries were worthy of recognition.

“While Orcon stood out a special mention has to go to Y&R’s entry for Resene, a mobile app that caught the attention of a few of the judges,” Higgins says. “One of our judges sent me an email to let me know he was still playing with the ‘bloody Resene colour app’ and it had wrecked his afternoon due to its addictiveness.”

Y&R’s Resene app was made by Chrometoaster. And you can download the app here.

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