BNZ’s financially-focused, face-reading Adshel lures the curious

Some saw BNZ’s EmotionScan campaign as a cynical marketing gimmick. Others saw it as smart and relatively interesting marketing ploy to get Kiwis thinking about their money. And others still thought it was a bit of both. But whatever your thoughts, there’s no doubt the technology has caught the attention of plenty of punters and no more so than in Britomart, where a special Adshel with an interactive LCD touch screen programmed with the special software saw more than 5,000 humans front up for a financial face-reading, one of the highest levels of interaction seen for an Adshel Ignite campaigns. 

The technology was developed by BNZ along with psychologist Stuart Carr and Swiss emotion recognition software company nViso, to help customers figure out how they feel about money (at a particular moment in time). Using the in-built camera, a picture of your face was taken, mapped and analysed by the EmotionScan software. A printout of these results was provided, which also invited people to visit their nearest BNZ branch for a MoneyReview. 

“Emotion Scan has been an overwhelming success since it was released to the market,” says Rob Cooke, head of marketing communications at BNZ. “The Adshel campaign has also been a resounding success in itself with over 5,000 trying the technology at the Adshel site and nearly 5,500 people doing the emotion scan online.” 

He says one in eight of those who completed it online shared their experience with friends on Facebook. And 114,000 views of the ‘making of’ video have been clocked up on YouTube so far. 

“It’s a phenomenal result and demonstrates the massive engagement we’ve had in this offering, underpinning our belief that if you know how you feel about money you can do good things with it.”

The execution, which ran from 23 September – 7 October, featured a broadcast Adshel campaign that was enhanced by the special build in Britomart. And Nick Vile, Adshel’s general manager, says BNZ has really set the benchmark in terms of driving engagement utilising the Adshel Ignite products. Not surprisingly, he’s looking forward to seeing how other advertisers use the technology that’s now available—and, due to decreasing costs, more accessible. 

“There is no doubt that the addition of digital capabilities is going to create new revenue opportunities for out-of-home advertising in New Zealand,” Vile says. “Research conducted last year by CBS Outdoor in the UK showed that, on average, 71 percent of people would feel more positive about a brand advertising at sites that offer the opportunity to interact. This is particularly exciting for Adshel as our street level panels offer brands the perfect opportunity to invite consumers to interact with their campaigns.”

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