BNZ lets fans claim a piece of the Crusaders’ home turf—UPDATED

With sports teams, we often speak in the possessive, referring to “our team”, “our win” or “our home turf” even though none of those things actually belong to us. Well, BNZ is looking to give the endless stream of possessive phrases some more meaning with a new campaign that allows New Zealanders to claim a piece of the Crusaders’ turf for themselves.

To enter the competition people need to visit a dedicated microsite where an image of the turf appears where they can select one of a gazillion patches of turf to go into the draw. Entrants can then share their piece of turf on social media. 

Winners will be announced halftime at the Crusaders vs Hurricanes game on 16 July.

“We’re excited to be supporting Christchurch and to be backing the BNZ Crusaders,” says Rhys Sinnott, senior brand and sponsorship manager at BNZ. “The fans are so passionate and such a big part of the team’s success, they definitely deserve a reward for themselves and their own home turf.”

Wayne Pick, executive creative irector at Colenso BBDO says: “This is a fun way to leverage BNZ’s support of New Zealand’s most popular Super Rugby franchise. Not many fans ever get to step foot on the hallowed home turf, let alone take a shovel to it at half time. $25,000 is a lot of money and will make a really big difference to one lucky fan.”

The idea has obviously gone down a treat with the fans, in the first week alone over 4,000 Crusaders fans entered, and that’s before it had even been posted it to the Crusaders’ own Facebook page, a release says. 

And while we’re at it, we thought it was a good excuse to link this video:

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