BNZ and Fly Buys show how customers can be good with money, even when they’re spending it

In recent years, Fly Buys has been on a mission to expand the range of things card holders can use their points for, whether it’s music, flights or toasters. And BNZ has been promoting some fairly innovative products lately as part of its ‘Be Good With Money’ brand strategy. Last year, the two collided, with BNZ announcing its KiwiSaver scheme members would be able to redeem Fly Buys points to make contributions to their or another person’s BNZ KiwiSaver schemes. And it’s released an ad via Colenso BBDO to trumpet that point of difference. 

BNZ owns 25 percent of Loyalty New Zealand, the company that runs Fly Buys, so, not surprisingly, it’s the only bank to offer Fly Buys points. At the time of the announcement, BNZ head of wealth and private bank, Donna Nicolof said “the ability to convert Fly Buys points to the BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme will give BNZ customers an easy way to add to their retirement savings” and she said it would be a particularly good way for people to contribute to their children or grandchildren’s savings.

BNZ is offering 150 Fly Buys Points to those who open a BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme account by 30 June 2014. And customers will be able to add $20 to their KiwiSaver for every 108 Fly Buys points earned. 

BNZ also offers a range of other Fly Buys-generating products, like credit cards, home loans, insurance and others. 

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