Big Ben for pie minister

Big Ben has tapped into the election hype by running for pie minister. 

The campaign includes billboards, which have been erected alongside the more serious politicians running in the election and implore the community to ‘Make Pies Great Again’.    

The intiative also extends beyond the billboards onto the Big Ben website, revamped to emulate a party website.       

“It’s time someone in this great country makes a stand for what really matters – the humble pie,” intones a quote at the top of the site.  “They’re a part of our heritage, but over time, other ‘fast’ foods have pushed pies to the sidelines. So stand with us, New Zealand, and help take back our place in society.”

In addition to a vision statement, the site also sets out the Big Ben platform and outlines a series of eight policies.

This campaign was conceptualised by Curve Social, while the web element was developed by Jetplane.

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