Big Ads and Airtory partner up

Australian ad-tech company Big Ads has partnered with Airtory, a US based creative management platform, to deliver the best digital ads in the business.

Through its ad tech platform Buddy, Big delivers rich media for clients throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Airtory creative is directly integrated into Buddy, so agencies and brands can quickly compile rich media digital ads and launch them programmatically through their favoured Demand Side Platform.

Now rather than days building and testing rich media formats, adverts are ready to go live in minutes. 

The formats allow advertisers to run multi-dimensional adverts, including video from the ad unit.

Big CEO David Green says: “Having an agile outfit like Airtory on board fits right in with our culture of providing speed, quality and value.

“They are at the cutting edge of ad formats and delivery and constantly looking to improve their product range which is perfect for our market.”

The high-quality creatives also provide metrics to show exactly how users interact with the advert, including viewability, attention time, clicks, impressions and engagements.

Airtory CEO Julian Frachtman adds: “We’ve relished the opportunity to partner with Big on their Buddy platform. They continue to help us iterate and improve on our offering as they work to push the envelope on their own. 

“We believe that rich media ad creation should be democratised via self-service and available for all and that’s exactly what we’re doing with Big.”

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