Bedtime just got a little darker thanks to Special

New work from Special Group and insurance company Partners Life targets Kiwi parents by turning classic nursery rhymes for kids into ones more suited for adults.

Buying a house, getting married and having a baby are the main life events that trigger New Zealanders to consider getting life insurance. This, combined with traditional themes of death and serious injury in classic children’s stories, was the inspiration behind the campaign’s message that it doesn’t have to be “unhappily ever after” if you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.

Partners life Managing Director, Naomi Ballantyne says: “Starting a family is often the single biggest turning point in people’s lives. For many of us, having kids is the first time that the concept of risk becomes real, and we start thinking about what happens to our family if life or income are interrupted. 

“We decided there was no better way to connect than through familiar, classic children’s nursery rhymes with a cheeky, ‘Get Life Right’ twist.”

The campaign heroes were brought to life by Flux Media in a nostalgic style that audiences may associate with their own childhood books, further enhanced by the campaign’s storyteller Dave Fane of bro’Town and What Now.

Special Group ECD Jonathan McMahon says: “The team at Partners Life are amazing to collaborate with and Flux have done a sensational job. Humpty is our first little victim in the campaign and if he was with us today I think he would recommend getting life insurance. We’re excited to share the second spot that will roll out in the new year.”

Humpty Dumpty, the first in the campaign to be released, airs this Sunday after 8pm – when kids have gone to bed and adults need a little bedtime story of their own.

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