Barnes Catmur lays down the gift gauntlet with special High St whisky

As Mulberry’s #WinChristmas campaign showed, giving is basically a competitive sport these days. And that’s also true in the corporate realm, where many businesses attempt to one-up each other by giving expensive offerings of thanks to their VIPs. Just as The Downlow Concept took the opportunity to show off its skills and sense of humour with its Christmas message, Barnes Catmur & Friends has honoured its special friends with a bespoke whisky named in honour of the street where its office lies. 

Personalised labels bunged on booze as a Christmas present is nothing new, but BC&F have done it very well. The agency designed and produced 150 bottles of High St with Thomson Whisky providing the stuff on the inside and on the outside it features a host of stickers from ‘independent’ sources to affirm its quality (such as “I like it” from Andrea at the Sicilian Whisky Society, ‘best medal on this bottle’ and ‘Lorem Ipsum Award’), as well as a wax stamp and the fingerprints of the founders, Paul Catmur and Daniel Barnes. ​

As it says on the bottle: “Ever since being voted ‘Best Place in Auckland to Buy a Musket’, High St has been a centre of bustling commerce. We offer this spirit in acknowledgement of our city’s founding fathers who sipped similar liquids in wood-lined rooms as they discussed business, moustaches and the rising cost of horse feed in outlying areas.” 

Catmur says feedback suggests it may prove more popular than last year’s gift of a book. 

So the gift gauntlet has been laid. Let us know in the comments if any of the other corporate gifts you’ve received can beat it. 

And if you want to know what you can and can’t do while drinking whisky, Nick Offerman wrote a lovely song about moderation for Diageo


Designed by Brandrea.

Whisky from Thomson Whisky of New Zealand.

Paul at Rapid Labels did the labels.

Stamp Plus supplied the wax stamp and wax.

Elves led by Erin.

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