Banner in the works: Tourism NZ launches new digital campaign

Tourism New Zealand’s 100% Pure campaign has come under renewed fire recently after our Dear Leader’s interview with Hard Talk. But as TNZ’s general manager marketing communications Justin Watson said in a recent interview with NZ Marketing, the campaign was never intended to be an environmental promise. It was about the whole experience. Recently, with the help of its agencies Razorfish and Assignment Group, it launched 100% Pure You to try and attract more ‘active considerers’ to the country and it’s just gone live with some new online trickery that’s being featured on popular German and Australian news and travel websites. See the birds, dolphins and underwater marvels here.

“Our target market research last year identified the web as a highly influential source or information for consumers considering a trip to New Zealand,” says Watson. “By creating attention grabbing and interactive digital advertising like those we have recently launched in Australia and Germany, we can effectively and cost-efficiently reach overseas consumers in our target markets.”

A new Australian advertisement launching next week promotes travel to New Zealand for the upcoming ski season, while the two German advertisements feature imagery from Milford Sound and Rotorua.

TNZ has $64.8 million budgeted for marketing for 2010/2011 and most of it is being spent on digital channels. And so far so good with the new approach: preliminary campaign data out of Australia shows that the online New Zealand 100% Pure You advertising is driving approximately three times the number of referrals to travel sellers for the same investment when compared to Tourism New Zealand’s prior campaign work. Data for other key markets is still being gathered.

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