All Good bananas tells its fair trade story through stickers

Compulsive hoarders are often reviled for allowing themselves to be buried under the assortment of junk that they’ve collected over the course of their lives. And while extreme examples of this problem make for fascinating trash TV, in reality the tendency of humans to collect isn’t unique to those who can’t see the floors of their homes.

As evidenced by the continued popularity of collectibles—with Z Energy’s Blokhedz a recent example—even ordinary Kiwi families can at times indulge in the pleasure that comes with collecting things they simply don’t need. 

All Good Bananas is another brand that has recently launched its own version of collectibles campaign, which comes in the shape of stickers that are attached to bananas.   

“Over the past 12 weeks, 16 special character stickers have been appearing on bunches off All Good bananas in stores telling the story of how our bananas get from Ecuador to New Zealand and the people that play a part in the journey: Norma the banana nana, Wilson Sanchez an organic banana farmer and his kids Kelly and Wilson Jnr, Olly the little kid from Lower Hutt who loves bananas (and actually won last year’s sticker competition), Keren Rego a teacher at Pt Chev Primary who was the Fairtrade supporter of the year.,” says the company’s spokesperson Petra Mihaljevich.  

Mihaljevich explains that each of the characters is based on real people, and their stories have been told via an interactive puzzle on the company’s website over the course of the campaign.

And, according to Mihaljevich, Kiwis aren’t suffering from collectibles fatigue yet. 

“Over the past few weeks, we’ve had some frantic mums emailing us to get their hands on the last few stickers,” she says. “It’s been a bit of a frenzy. So we wanted to give everyone a chance to snap them up. Yesterday, we ran a special online sticker swap on Facebook to help them collect any missing stickers. We had a huge response – 48,000 people reached and a huge number of people posting to swap stickers.”   

And the sticker hype has also gone international, with Mihaljevich saying that the Ecuadorians resorting to desperate measures to get their hands on the full collection.  

“The All Good Family stickers have become hot property in Ecuador where banana sticker collecting is huge. The stickers are going for as much as $10USD and some of the characters (like Wilson and Napoleon the truck driver) have become local celebrities (of sorts). We’ve also had people from all around the world emailing us randomly to get their hands on the stickers for their collections.”            

One person who undoubtedly would love to get his hands on these stickers is Christopher Crawcour, a former green grocer who the Daily Mail recently reported has amassed no less than 30,000 fruit stickers during his life. According to the report, Crawcour has the second largest collection behind an unnamed French collector. 

But given the proclivity of Kiwis to collect, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to imagine Crawcour and the Frenchman one day facing competition from a Kiwi parent (most probably with a nagging child in tow).  

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