Balls to that: Tracta compares grass seeds to Buck Shelford

The Super Rugby season is about to start. And we all know what that means: ads directed at farmers. So, to show the toughness of Seed Force perennials, Tracta enlisted the services of renowned hard man Buck Shelford and got him to tell the now-famous and eye-wateringly painful tale of a dangling bollock. 

The campaign, which includes TV, print and digital, features Shelford talking about toughing it out on the rugby field with a ripped scrotum, an act that cemented his place in the pantheon of Kiwi tough guys (although, with today’s increased focus on safety, many see playing with injuries like this as foolhardy and a bad influence on younger players). But apparently that’s not as tough as Seed Force. 

The website, toughbastards.co.nz, also offers prizes to farmers who share their own tips on toughing it out when the going gets hard, something particularly relevant given the current drought situation in the South Island. 

Speaking of grass ads, here’s another one for PGG Wrightson’s excess perennial ryegrass, which is, of course, one of our grasses. 

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