Bacon, brightness and brand ads

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Who’s it for: Kiwi bacon by Buffalo Creative and Curious

Why we like it: Firstly, it’s an ad about bacon and everyone likes bacon (except for the militant vegetarians who complained about Idealog’s new meaty and apparently deeply offensive e-newsletter because it was called The Daily Bacon). And secondly, it’s got bogans with their cars, a builder with a mullet wearing a summer suit, an old man sitting on a tractor, a mail-order bride and other entertaining scenarios loosely related to the theme of importation.

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Who’s it for: Orcon by DraftFCB and Flying Fish

Why we like it: It’s bright, it’s interesting, it’s well made, it’s funny, and it’s selling a great product with a smile, a wink and a nudge. A nice piece of challenger brand cheek from the new agency-client pairing, with some informative and entertaining historical content thrown in for good measure.

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Who’s it for: Rebel Sport by Ogilvy and Film 360

Why we like it: Brand ads for retail stores are few and far between (remember this one from a few years back for The Warehouse), and usually for very good reason. But Rebel Sport and Ogilvy have given it a pretty good nudge with a new spot that drills into the sporting motivations for weekend warriors and adds some emotion to the “no-one’s got more sports gear” slogan. It’s a bit schmaltzy in parts. And it features a song from Zed. But somehow it works.

And while these aren’t technically TVCs, the three beautifully filmed mini-documentaries by Thick as Thieves director Zoe McIntosh for Saatchi & Saatchi’s Women’s Refuge campaign are definitely worth a look.

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