Back or forward? That is the question in this latest spot for Hellers–UPDATED

(Update) The second part of Hellers’ new ad has been released, which only leads to more confusion.

Original story:

It’s a conversation that happens twice a year, once near the beginning and once near the end. Do the clocks go back or forward one hour? The conversation was probably the result of many arguments back in the day before the internet and smartphones came along and adjusted time automatically for us. But still, the debate continues. That’s what Leigh Hart, Millen Baird and Jason Hoyte have tapped into for this new Hellers ad, by Moon Media in conjunction with Simpatico Advertising, in probably the most confusing way possible.

The clip begins with comedian Hart cooking up a range of juicy looking meats on the barbecue with actor and ACC member Hoyte before feeling a little confused that a lot of people haven’t shown up.

He soon realises why, however. With daylight savings coming up, his friends have got the time wrong.

A very confusing description of both of Hart and Hoyte’s interpretations of daylight savings ensues while they take a brief pause to admire Hart’s “Wolex” before Baird arrives and confuses the two even further.

The ad is the first of three, with another to be released tomorrow and the final ad to be released the day before daylight savings, acting as a reminder that summer is on its way and therefore, so is barbecue season. That’s right, the smell of summer barbecues will soon be in the air (sigh).

“It’s obviously a low key way of talking about barbecuing in general without ramming it down people’s throats so-to-speak. And barbecues are connected with daylight and summer coming, so we connected the ideas,” Hart says.

He says it was a quick turnaround, and the idea for the ad was only thought up last week.

“The idea is that it’s reactionary and we will come up with ideas on the fly and release them quickly. There’s potential for the future, I suppose. A case-by-case sort of marketing.”

Early last year a complaint against another Hellers ad featuring Hart barbecuing on the back of a moving ute was upheld by the ASA for not abiding by the New Zealand Road Code.

In the ad, Hart, who has been the face of the Hellers since 2006, gave one of the ludicrous barbecuing tips that typified the ‘Hellers BBQ masters’ campaign.

In other spots, Hart nicked off with gas canisters from his neighbors’, barbecues with his shirt on fire and cleans his barbecue with a high-pressure hose.

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