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As part of our push to remind you marcomms folk to get your entries in for the 2013 TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards (there’s still 15 days left) we’re asking some past winners to tell us about their glorious victory, what it meant to the business and why these awards are different. Here’s why Simon Coley, design director of Powershop and co-founder of All Good, reckons you should enter. 

What did you win? The Sustainability Award for All Good bananas and the Innovation in Marketing Award for Powershop.

What was it about your entries that stood out? For All Good it was heartening that a relatively small company (at the time there were five of us) and new market entrant could get this kind of recognition. It also suggests entries are judged on their merits as well as the scale of the impact they’ve achieved. With Powershop it was also a case of being recognised by our peers for making a dent with a relatively small marketing budget. It was the first time our ‘Same Power, Different Attitude’ campaign got a gong (probably the first time the subjects of our ads—Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong-Il etc—had been awarded anything by people that didn’t work for them). 

How did winning help your company, your staff or your career? These awards are a way of benchmarking ourselves. We got some recognition and they’ve been a great boost for the teams in both organisations. Always good for the crew to see the fruits of their labour celebrated this way by the people whose jobs they want.

Would you recommend other brands, businesses and agencies entering the awards? Absolutely. It’s good for everyone in our industry to get together to share, compete, celebrate and have a laugh. 

What are some of the major differences between the TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards and other awards? The calibre of judges has been impressive and, to be honest, I’ve been surprised by the thoughtful commentary behind the judging decisions. I’d expected these industry love-ins to be less sober. Also the award night MCs have been hilarious and quick to point out that a large room full of advertising and marketing yuppies is great comedy material. Memorable favourites have been The Topp Twins and Te Radar.

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