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As part of our push to remind you marcomms folk to get your entries in for the 2013 TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards, we’re asking some past winners to tell us about their glorious victory, what it meant to the business and why these awards are different. Here’s what Dave Shoemack, ex-DB Export marketing manager and now global marketing manager for Heineken’s Sol brand, had to say. 

What did you win? Rookie Marketer of the Year award in 2010. Also pride and recognition, particularly within my company.

What was it about your entry that stood out? You would have to ask the judges! I think for someone relatively new to marketing I was quickly able to put my touch on a brand, mobilise the organisation and drive results. My enthusiasm is always pretty clear, and I remember them saying I had a surprising level of maturity for my age.

How did winning help your company, staff or career? For a start, everyone in DB was incredibly proud of me, and people still remember the achievement today. It was a source of pride for the sales team and the exec team that someone from DB won the award, as it reflects very well on our brand-building ability and also people development. It did wonders for my career. I was promoted into my boss’ role within a few months managing the whole DB Export brand family, and now I’m in a global marketing role at Heineken head office in Amsterdam.

Would you recommend other brands, businesses and agencies entering the awards? Absolutely. Just being a finalist is a huge success, and gives you and your company great visibility. It can be a good thing to aim for also (i.e. what would I have to achieve in the next year to be in line for one of these great awards?). In filling out the entry you also learn a lot about yourself. 

What are some of the major differences between the TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards and other awards? In terms of marketing, these awards are definitely the best (I’m not just saying that because I won). The calibre of people and brands is great, and you really get a sense there is a strong community growing. 

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