Augusto and Te Puia help Kiwis lean into Matariki tradition

Augusto have launched a new campaign for Te Puia, New Zealand’s geothermal wonderland and home of the New Zealand Māori Arts and Crafts Institute, to celebrate the first publicly recognised Matariki and ensure its traditions are recognised and ‘this is not just a long weekend’.

As all corners of Aotearoa look to recognise Matariki, Te Puia who are a brand naturally committed to giving people a deeper connection to Te Ao Māori wanted to acknowledge the traditions of the celebration.

“For us that was naturally about kai [food],” says Sean Marsh, Te Puia General Manager Sales and Marketing.

“Kai is such a massive component of Matariki. Four of the cluster’s nine stars symbolise kai (Waitī, Waitā, Tupuānuku, Tupuārangi), and the act of coming together with friends and whānau to share a feast is one of the best ways to celebrate the coming new year.”

As a place that’s home to a world-class Māori-inspired restaurant and two means of traditional Māori cooking (kai ngāwhā and hāngī),Te Puia offers a unique kai experience that will stay with you long after you leave.

“With all of us looking forward to another long holiday weekend, Te Puia wanted to help Kiwis get a deeper connection and understanding of Matariki by providing them with something authentic to help enhance their enjoyment and education on the traditions,” says Augusto ECD, Adam Thompson.

The ‘This is not just a long weekend’ campaign will feature on a NZ Herald wrap and across social and digital media and features four Matariki inspired recipes to help kiwis celebrate the occasion at home and get a deeper connection to what its rising is all about.

“Plus it helps serve as a reminder that Te Puia is a great place to visit to get a deeper cultural experience,” says Thompson.


Adam Thompson – ECD
Ben Carroll – Creative
Mitch Crowe – Creative
James Davison – Head of Design
Nina Vasiljevic – Designer
Katie Curd – Designer
Lauren Oxnam – Account Director
Alex McVinnie – Photographer
Together – Media

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