Attack of the pitch invader

Pick-up games of football are pretty common Barcelona, where friends—and sometimes enemies—often meet up to kick the frustrations of the day away at one of the many five-a-side pitches strewn throughout the city. And for the launch of its new global campaign, Pepsi took this experience so familiar to everyone in the city and flipped it on its head by introducing a drone and a spectacular light show. 

In a short clip posted on its social media channels, Pepsi shows how it pitch-invaded a casual game of evening football with the help of a drone. At the beginning of the video, the device, carrying a football, is shown flying over a football game, attracting the attention of the players below. It then hovers over the centre of the pitch, and then a light show—featuring the outlines, game score and various other interactive elements—erupts, changing the game entirely.           

The campaign was developed by AMV BBDO, which claims that players were completely unaware that the stunt was going to take place. However, this is questionable, given that various sections of the game do appear to have choreographed, at least to some degree.

Nonetheless, the project is a visual treat, and the team at StopPress really hopes that Spark introduces something similar for the Boroughs initiative

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