Attack of the Not Election

We had the Electoral Commission using Lorde to tell our younger demographics to vote, and there’s a big push in places like South Auckland with a traditionally low voter turnout to get them to the polls. But for those that aren’t interested in wall-to-wall media coverage, there’s another option.

MediaWorks’ channel Four (with a target market 18-49), is continuing along the same lines as its The Home of Not Rugby during the 2011 Rugby World Cup, with the current campaign of The Home of Not Election, with the help of Special Group.

It has been promising an “entertaining escape from the political coverage dominating other media to Election Day and beyond: an invitation to take a break from the Judith Collins saga, and enjoy the brand new season of America’s Next Top Model; to get excited about upcoming new fast tracked episodes of [various shows].”

What’s more, they’ve given billboards a facelift (Rachel Lorimer group head of corporate communications at MediaWorks says “No actual political billboards were harmed in the making of these ads, these were created and installed for just long enough to take the required images,”) and they’ve managed to place a perfectly colour coordinated ad in the SST:

The TV Four Facebook page also received a bit of the action:

MediaWorks TV head of marketing, Amanda Wilson says: “The campaign is a reminder to viewers and clients that while TV3 leads the news agenda for all things political, Four is where you will always find great entertainment. If political inertia hits, then Four is a guaranteed entertaining place to escape to.” 

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