Assisting agriculture: WAVE says thanks to NZ’s farmers

To thank New Zealand’s hardworking farmers and assist them with sustainability, WAVE Creative Communication and Overseer FM have launched a new digital campaign to promote their agricultural management tool.

Now more than ever, its time to thank and reassure the agricultural sector and OverseerFM want to express they are there to help every step of the way. Brought to life by the Bay of Plenty’s WAVE Creative Communications, the campaign encourages the use of the software solution so that Farmers can keep track of their environmental impact.

OverseerFM’s online platform is particularly important as the agricultural industry faces challenges from climate change, and New Zealand is tackling Covid-19 and the subsequent unfolding recession.

Emotive and straight to the point, the campaign features local icons like rugby legend Buck Shelford, Dame Lynda Topp, presenter Toni Street, fishing legend Geoff Thomas and cricketing icon Sir Richard Hadlee.

The well-known Kiwis came together for the campaign to resonate with viewers and show just how deeply the nation appreciates its farmers.

WAVE managing director, Glenn Dougal, says OverseerFM is used as a scientific indication that tracks over time.

“There were misconceptions within the farming community about OverseerFM simply being a compliance tool and ‘tells us what to do’,” says Dougal.

“Our job was to change those perceptions by reassuring farmers that they do have choices around farming in a more sustainable manner, and most importantly, that OverseerFM is on their side.”

The campaign took place within five days, across seven locations, managed by WAVE creative director Craig Parker, copywriter Lucy Morgan, producer Jackie Clark and director of photography Harold Monfils.

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