ASB loses a dame, gains a new home loan campaign

As one famous Brit hits our screens, another famous Brit departs, because Dame Judi Dench’s time is up as the voice of ASB. And while Saatchi & Saatchi has already presided over an online campaign, a cool Spotify app and some nice print work for Big Yellow, it’s hit TV screens for the first time, buttering up borrowers with a spring home loan campaign offering a good rate, some cash, Samsung Galaxy tablets and a taste of ‘fully furnished‘ domestic bliss. 


All the other executions from the Droga5 campaign that featured Dame Judy’s dulcet tones have been made private on YouTube, but we did notice a very obvious voice change on the ‘personal switchers’ ad. 

“Given the ‘switching’ TVC is still performing well, we decided to continue with it for the time being, albeit with a less famous voiceover,” says ASB’s general manager of PR and external relations Christian May. 

No doubt leaving it on also has something to do with timing and the fact that all the banks are desperately attempting to woo potentially disaffected National Bank customers. 

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