Art hits the streets with Taxi Impact’s DIY canvas

Auckland is currently in the midst of the kookiness that is Fringe, and as a sponsor of the festival, taxi media company Taxi Impact wanted to celebrate the creativity and originality on display with its Taxi Art Project, which asked entrants to plaster a taxi with whatever the hell they wanted. And Marcus Brill and Seth Zwart, with their submission ‘The People are the Artists’ was chosen as the winner. 

In a similar fashion to Cadbury’s Billboards to Bags campaign, the idea involves people writing, drawing, creating and speaking with each other by using the taxi as a canvas. And Tim Dove, director of Taxi Impact, says this simple idea captures the spirit of Fringe perfectly, with this evolving show taking its own shape, just like each original performance. 

“It also demonstrates for us the unique out-of-home ability we have as a medium, to be a mass broadcast medium but seamlessly incorporating an experiential element as well,” he says. 

To keep the festivities going, if you see or ride in the taxi, tweet a photo of it to #FringeTaxiArt or post it on the TaxiImpact Facebook page and you’ll be in the draw to win $50 worth of taxi vouchers. 

As part of the wider promotional campaign, taxis are also being incorporated into the shows with ’A Taxi Ride of Mystery’. All taxis with Fringe wraps feature a sheet which entices passengers to perform their own original Fringe show. They are given five scenarios; Diamond heist, Bosnian musical, left your lover, birth and celebrity ‘accidents’, so they can go for gold.

“A few drivers I’ve spoken to have said that they’ve had groups getting involved and really enjoying it,” he says. 

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