Appointment viewing? Pffff, says TVNZ, as winter leads to Ondemand growth—UPDATED

During winter, TV becomes something a BFF for many hibernating New Zealanders. And more of them are snuggling up with Ondemand, with figures released by TVNZ showing the worm has been heading swiftly upwards in the past few months. 

Continuing its long-term upwards trend, stream views reached 1,780,015 in July alone—an increase of 34.8 percent on the previous month. And unique viewers have also increased by 28 percent (the decrease in June is apparently the result of a coding error).

“TVNZ is pleased with the growth in Ondemand both in terms of stream views and advertising revenue,” says Paul Maher, TVNZ’s head of sales and marketing. “For the 12 month period to July 2011, TVNZ’s advertising revenues for the platform grew more than 50 percent.”

TVNZ is putting the growth down to a couple of factors: local programming like new series Nothing Trivial (which also set a new millennium record for a New Zealand drama debut on television) and the “huge Shortland Street winter season”, together with international shows like The Voice and Vampire Diaries.

UPDATE: MediaWorks


We approach our On Demand service differently to TVNZ and the total numbers of each network reflect this. TVNZ has a huge On Demand library – a lot of programmes and a large back catalogue.  We’re very selective about our On Demand offering – at present we have a boutique offering of  35-40 shows available, while a quick look at the TVNZ site today reveals 378. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had an average 175,945 stream views and 58,740 unique viewers – proportionally very similar to TVNZ.


We’re enjoying similiar success with our local programming – as the NZNTM graph below shows, there’s been a big leap in on demand viewing since Cycle 2 of around 50% (note that the big differences in week 2 and week 4 are due to the fact that in this cycle the must-see makeover epsiode was ep 2, but in 2010 it was ep 4).


On Demand activity for us has been very consistent through June and July, rather than showing the growth in the TVNZ graph.  We interpret this as being simply because our big On Demand shows in this period are all series that were underway early June (NZNTM, Home & Away, Sons of Anarchy, NCIS and 7 Days are our top 5), whereas TVNZ’s Nothing Trivial launched in July.  Local does seem to drive On Demand viewing, so with Underbelly NZ: Land of the Long Green Cloud starting on Wednesday, we’re expecting to see this trend of NZ Production doing well On Demand to continue.


91% of those tht watch On Demand missed the show on TV, so we consider On Demand additional to our TV audience (source – TV3 and FOUR On Demand survey, April 2011 (2=3,526)




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