Apple ponders an appocalypse

To mark the start of its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple has taken a look at what the world would look like without apps—and it’s not pretty.

It all starts at the Apple Data Center when a new recruit joins the team and is placed at a desk alongside the App Store servers. As he tries to make himself at home and plug in what looks like an on-desk water feature, he unplugs the servers and apps disappear off smart devices across the world much to the disgust of the users.

The first real impact is seen in cars driving all over the place as there’s no more Google Maps and soon, a global state of emergency is declared.

Among the destruction, a woman stands in the middle of the street trying to give away her selfies, a couple undergoes surgery to do a face-swap and a man sits crushing candy with a hammer while another shouts to passers-by about how he managed to eat an entire pizza.

And with no Tinder, women are forced to walk past and check out men who pose and like mannequins in shop windows.

“Keep making apps,” the video reads. “The world is depending on you.”

Since the conference kicked off, Apple has already announced the next major updates for iOS and macOS, as well as launched new hardware, including new MacBooks and a new Siri-powered speaker. Siri is also set to get much smarter.

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