An ‘app-rodisiac’ for sex-starved parents

While kids act as a consistent and fulfilling source of love and pride, there are downsides to having little versions of yourself as they also happen to be a pestilence when it comes to the bedroom. But now there’s a solution, with the launch of The Extendables, a new online cartoon designed to keep kids busy while parents get busy in the bedroom. 

Created for Four Seasons Condoms by Marcel Sydney and Paris, the show allows romancing parents to monitor their kids by securely pairing their smartphones to any tablet, desktop computer, laptop or smart TV with a webcam, effectively turning it into a motion sensor. If kids wander away from the screen, the motion detector picks up the movement and sends an alert to connected phones to avert the risk of an untimely surprise. Should parents need a little more time when the video reaches its final minute, there’s an option to ‘extend’ for another five minutes, time and time again.

The idea came about after Four Seasons found a third of Australian parents had a fear of being interrupted during sex, while a quarter reported having less quality time for romance and sex with partners when kids were around (ie: during school holidays). Furthermore, almost three-quarters of respondents said they had been interrupted during sex by their kids, a reality that we can only imagine was traumatic for both sides. 

“This is a real issue that affects nearly all parents at some point in their lives and I hope our fuzzy friends allow parents around the world to reconnect again,” says Wesley Hawes, Deputy ECD at Marcel Sydney. “I’m the target audience. I’ve got two children – a three-year-old and a seven-week-old, and I haven’t had sex for about four years.”

“The Extendables is Four Seasons’ way of highlighting the importance of this time. A healthy sex life makes for happier, less stressed parents.”

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