Rising to the challenge: Testicular Cancer New Zealand asks Kiwis to cover the country in penises

Kiwi men have been going balls out across the country this month, and the uncouth behaviour is set to continue as it’s all part of Testicular Cancer New Zealand’s campaign, via FCB, to mark Testicular Awareness Month.

To raise awareness of the cancer and draw attention to the fact exercise helps prevent a number of cancers, the ‘Go Balls Out’ campaign challenges New Zealanders to get out on the streets, walk or run in the shape of a giant penis and testicles, share it on social media and challenge a friend to do the same.

FCB’s ECD, Tony Clewett, says testicular cancer is the most common cancer for young men aged 15-39 but sadly awareness of it is very low – it’s just not on their radar.

“There’s also a general shyness or embarrassment to discuss the issue. However, blokes do love to joke about cock and balls and have been drawing them for decades. Studies have now shown that exercise can help reduce the risk of cancer, so we saw an opportunity to create a challenge that not only helps our audience but literally puts testicular cancer on the map,” he says.

Doing their part to help, The Edge DJ Dom Harvey and TV Presenter Jaquie Brown shared their creations on social media.

The Hits Dunedin also shared their run, while Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce had some interesting looking penises and testicles—we wonder whose is bigger.

And while it’s still early days to assess the numbers, Clewett is thrilled with the momentum that’s building as it’s seen penis artwork across nearly every continent including the US and France. He adds some of the most beautifully crafted penises and testicles have been created by women.

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