APN digital billboard passes Queen St clutter test

An APN Outdoor digital billboard scored highly for recall on a test by walkers in central Auckland bombarded by ad messages. APN enlisted Access Testing to track and record the eye movements of testers who walked the route that looped past the billboard opposite Aotea Square.

The result was unprompted ad recall of 78 percent, which APN Outdoor general manager Phil Clemas says compares well with tests Access Testing has done in other cities, saying average prompted recall rates globally are about 75 percent.

“There’s lots of signage and advertising activity around that area,” says Clemas. “It’s a very busy area in general.”

He says the recall rate is significant because the billboard was in view for only three minutes of the whole route.

Access Testing has assessed advertising in sites where there is only digital billboard as well as areas with several. The company says the Auckland research project produced its highest result for accuracy of ad message recall and number of recalls.

BMW, NZ Lotto, Holden, Freeview and Coke used the billboard at the time it was tested.

APN Outdoor plans to get council consent for another five billboards at inner city Auckland intersections.

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