ANZ AND TBWA\NZ ask Kiwis to talk about finance

At a time when many New Zealanders are experiencing financial pressure, it has never been more important to have an open dialogue about money. But while talking about money with friends and family is shown to improve financial wellbeing[1], new research from ANZ reveals Kiwis often self-censor on the topic[2]. 1 in 3 New Zealanders rarely talk to others about their finances because they feel embarrassed, with almost 60% saying they would rather talk to their friends about politics.

ANZ and TBWANZ are launching a new initiative LET’S TALK ABOUT FINANCES to help Kiwis have more meaningful conversations about their finances this year to improve their financial wellbeing.

The campaign kicks off with a range of attention-grabbing OOH and digital which prompt people to consider why they self-censor with questions like: ‘When did FINANCE become such a dirty word?’ Others encourage them to start talking with messages like ‘The more you talk about FINANCES the better you’ll feel about it.’ A radio partnership will see any word associated with money bleeped out or censored from songs that are played throughout the week and influencers will be sharing ideas and challenges for getting financial conversations going with their audiences.

The initiative then focuses on everyday occasions when Kiwis are already chatting to family and friends – like pizza night with the family or over a coffee with a mate. ANZ has partnered with local businesses to offer discounted products in those moments, featuring money wellbeing tips and topics to help inspire healthy conversations about finances. 

First up will be ANZ’s ‘Money Feast Pizza’ available 18, 19, 20 March for just $1[3] – the pizza box features ideas and inspiration on how to ‘divide up your dough,’ encouraging families and flatmates to have a chat about how to budget.

Kiwis will also be able to snag free ‘Budget Brew’ coffees at selected cafés[4] with savings tips printed on the cup. Coasters in their favourite pub or bar will also aim to inspire healthy financial conversations over a drink with a mate.

At the centre of the initiative is the ANZ Financial Wellbeing Hub, where Kiwis can find free tools and ideas on how to have positive, meaningful conversations about their finances. Included on the hub will be a free digital resource called the ‘Deck of How’ – a downloadable deck of cards to use at home with 52 conversation starters – one for every week of the year – to get Kiwis talking about their money.

Matthew Pickering, ANZ General Manager of Marketing says: “Talking about money is imperative to improving your financial wellbeing. We want to help people break down barriers and feel more comfortable talking about their finances. Having positive conversations about money in everyday moments is a really good first step, like over a family meal or a cup of coffee.”

TBWANZ Chief Creative Officer Shane Bradnick says: “Many people find talking about their personal finances difficult but when you do it, it can actually improve your financial wellbeing, so we’ve come up with a range of ways to get people to sit up, take notice and to get the conversation started. We looked at occasions when people are already chatting, like sharing a coffee, a beer at the local pub or pizza night and looked to get some financial conversation starters into those moments”.


Client: ANZ NZ
Agency: TBWANZ
Media & Influencer Agency: PHD & DRUM
PR Agencies: TBWAEleven PR

[1] ANZ Financial Wellbeing Survey, New Zealand April 2021

[2] One Picture ANZ Survey December 2021

[3] Available Central Auckland suburbs

[4] The free coffees are being given away to the first 20 customers each day at selected cafes over 5 days

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