Any excuse for a list: the world’s best content marketing

‘Tis the season for lists (actually, as the popularity of Buzzfeed shows, it’s always the season for lists). And Contently, a company “where brands and advertisers can go to connect with freelancers and journalists to commission work on their behalf”, has released its round-up of the best content marketing of the year

It chose Purina’s ‘Dear Kitten’ series with Buzzfeed, content marketing darling Chipotle’s series Farmed and Dangerous, Honda’s amazing double-sided story The Other Side, Kahlua’s mad four minute film, GE Lighting’s dalliance with Jeff Goldblum and Tim and Eric, The Lego Movie, Net-a-porter’s magazine Porter,  Electrolux’s lengthy fashion documentary, Microsoft Stories and the Hubspot blog

Check them out below. 

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