AMI celebrates life with 45″ film

AMI’s latest campaign has launched with a 45” film that celebrates our things and the life they enable. 

AMI’s most recent brand campaign highlights the value of the things that make up people’s lives, and as an insurer it helps protect. 

Jessica Bunker, AMI’s Marketing Manager, says that by protecting people’s posessions as insurers they are protecting much more.

“Your things, your car, your house, your boat… they’re what help you pursue a hobby, a passion, spend time with loved ones or connect to a community. So with this campaign, we want to celebrate and protect the things that make up your life. That’s what AMI is in the business of protecting.”

Directed by Joel Kefali, the hero film features talented New Zealand jazz musician, Jean Yern (Ngāti Tamaoho). It shows the transformative power a drumkit can have on a life – journeying with her from the moment she first discovers this unexpected new passion, all the way to present day. The drums have not only provided her with a means to escape and express herself, they’ve contributed to a lifetime of musical memories.

“I’m no Norah Jones, but I do tickle the old eighty-eight on occasion,” says Colenso BBDO, Group Creative Director Kimberly Ragan.

“It teaches me patience, and that I’ll never be professional, but it also introduces me to new people, and gives me a wider appreciation for music. That’s worth protecting.”

Says AMI’s Brand Lead, Melanie O’Leary says the new campaign demonstrates AMI’s On Your Side brand positioning. We want people to know that we understand the emotional value of what they are choosing to insure with us.’

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