AMI and Colenso BBDO imagine a safer New Zealand

AMI is kickin’ it ol’ school with rollerskates and hip-hop music to show off its commitment to making New Zealand a safer place in a new campaign via Colenso BBDO.

Directed by Campbell Hooper of Sweet Shop, the 60-second spot shows a young roller-skater, aka Rollergirl, as she confidently rolls around New Zealand streets and interacts with people as she goes.

With only a subtle nod to insurance, the focus is on the safer world Rollergirl is seen in, which is summed up in the final line: “Together, we can make our world a little safer.”

General manager of customer value propositions at IAG Alex Geale says the campaign is designed to introduce New Zealand to the company’s belief that a safer world would be a better one.

Geale says that belief that has already seen the AMI brand be involved in several safety initiatives, including providing free helmets for cyclists, advanced warning signs for roads and its recently formalised relationship with New Zealand Red Cross, that saw it supporting care packs given out to vulnerable families in Taranaki.

Geale adds the belief will certainly guide many more initiatives in the future.

“Most of us think of insurance as a safety net, the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. But we’d like to think we can broaden that remit to help people be safer.”

With this belief, AMI isn’t simply trying to reduce claims, it has a genuine desire to play a bigger, more meaningful role in society.

“Imagine if we did look out for each other just a little bit more. If the world was a safer place. Perhaps we could all enjoy life a little more with fewer fears?” says Geale.

The new campaign is a move away from Colenso BBDO’s previous work for AMI, which saw animated characters find themselves in disastrous situations that require insurance claims and the agency’s head of account management, Angela Watson, says: “While the insurance AMI offers help kiwis feel financially safer, this campaign sets up a platform for the brand to go that extra step and really make a difference in the community.”

To further demonstrate that point, the 60-second spot will be followed and supported with other films and out of home, also featuring Rollergirl.


Client: IAG
Creative Agency: Colenso BBDO
Production Company: Sweet Shop
Stills photography: Matt Baker
Partners: PHD, Chemistry, Franklin Road

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