Ambient Group hits the forecourt with new Caltex media portfolio

Ambient Group and the Star Metro Retail Partnership have launched a new media portfolio consisting of fuel pump handles, door media at point of entry to the store, floor media in front of the payment till and fins on beverage fridges through 116 Caltex
member sites in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and other major centre and roads networks around the country.  

“Media agencies have
been asking us to offer a national media portfolio through petro/convenience
channel for years and now we can finally say it’s here,” says Ambient Group
chief operating officer Chris Monaghan.

Fuel pump handles are common in Europe and the USA, and are very
popular with brands as they offer an opportunity to fill the time it takes to put petrol into the vehicle with a message. But Monaghan says this is the first time they have been offered on
a national scale in New Zealand.

All elements of the
portfolio can be purchased individually, or
they can be purchased as a bundle to allow brands to own the path to purchase
from the forecourt to the till.

Speaking of Ambient, after winning the Kellogg’s Coco Pops business in a pitch earlier this year, it has just executed its first experiential campaign for the brand. 

Working with Raydar and JWT, the Kellogg’s Coco Pops Activity Spot, a free baking and craft school holiday programme for parents to enjoy with their kids took place at North Island malls over the recent school holidays. And a Colmar Brunton survey indicated 92 percent of parents ‘enjoyed their experience’ and 51 percent of parents walked away from the experience feeling ‘a lot more positive about the brand’. 

“Free activities for the kids is every parent’s dream,” Monaghan says. “Kellogg’s has invested in a simple idea executed well. The kids love it, the parents really appreciate it and Kellogg’s has committed to the idea over a decent period to position Coco Pops as a school holiday treat.”

The campaign continues for the October school holidays and through 2013. 

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