Inside a broken home: Home magazine draws attention to domestic violence

Home magazine is usually graced with striking imagery of the architecture and interior design that give shape to the most beautiful homes across the nation. So aesthetically pleasing are the pages of the Bauer-owned publication that it recently pipped the likes of Metro and North & South to pick up the Best Magazine Design award at the Canon Media Awards. And now, the magazine has shown that its pages can be lent to a good cause without sacrificing its commitment to stylish design.

The latest issue of Home magazine features an powerful campaign that shows a multi-page profile on what at first appears to be just another affluent home. However, on closer inspection, it quickly becomes clear that something is amiss. Blood stains are on a stairwell, chairs have been knocked over, ceramic pieces lie shattered on the floor and tables have been smashed. 

And no, these uncomfortable images aren’t just an example of high art. They’re part of a campaign for not-for-profit organistion It’s Not OK that aims to draw awareness to the continued problem of domestic violence in New Zealand.

The text accompanying the imagery is also written in the standard Home style, seemingly in an attempt to retain the narrative of a happy family. Only when readers turn to the final page is it revealed that the entire spread is part of an awareness campaign.

A post on the Home website explains that the campaign aims to challenge the misconception that domestic violence only those in the lower socio-economic bracket. 

As explained on the site: “The New Zealand Violence Against Women study found that 26 percent of women who live in a home with a household income of over $100,000 per year have experienced physical or sexual violence from an intimate partner. The study also found that one in four women who have completed a university degree have experienced physical or sexual violence from an intimate partner.”

Jill Proudfoot, the client services director at anti-violence group Shine (a partner of It’s Not OK), told Home that her experience has shown her that domestic violence can impact anyone.

“I’ve encountered many women living in beautiful homes who were feeling suicidal because they couldn’t see a way to escape their abuse,” she said.  



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