All Blacks press the flesh, Dan’s pressed flesh gets brushed

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Ah New Zealand, what an egalatarian paradise you are, a place where you can shake hands with the Prime Minister without fear of being tackled by secret service agents, where anyone can play golf, squash or tennis without being harrassed by bogans for being an aristocrat and where an All Black can deliver your mail and make you a cup of tea.

Adidas decided to embark on an experiential charm offensive last week and send a few salt of the earth All Blacks door to door in Taranaki to meet some of the fans before the test match with the Irish. And, as you can see from the video, All Blacks are real people too.

Or are they? There has been some heated office discussion recently about Dan Carter and the mysterious case of the disappearing scar in his more recent Jockey campaigns.

Here’s the original, with large, masculine scar and pasty thighs. And here’s the recent photoshopped pastel-fest featuring a gleaming, much browner, seemingly scarless Dan and his special be-undied friend Honor Dillon.

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