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Since we’ve already done a bit of a run down on what Kiwi brands been up to this Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d better see what kind of stunts went on further afield during the romantically charged weekend.

In a similar vein to what it did here with its ad shell, Coca-Cola has put other vending machines abroad. One in particular has a bit of a cruel twist, in that it is invisible, and has a built-in sensor so it can only be viewed by couples, another reason for singletons to feel that bit more sad on Valentine’s Day. The vending machine is mostly virtual, with an animated screen-show projected on the wall to entertain the couples. The sodas are also personalised as the machine asks for the couples’ names using voicing recognition.

XO Mints released a TVC called by RPA called ‘The Ugly Couple Song’, which features two bespectacled nerds and one scrawny one reflecting through song (by Run River North) on their gawkiness growing up and how despite their unattractiveness, they have beaten the odds and found someone special. The three nerds also flatter their partners who we don’t see: “She’s got a heart that’s bigger than her hair/She might never be a model, but who cares?/She’s one cloud and some wings from being an angel/And who knows, we might make—something beautiful.” 

American cookie brand Oreo has been rolling out a series of six animated Valentines TVCs by creative agency 360ito promote its new limited-edition Red Velvet Oreo cookie, which, in the commercials, acts as an aphrodisiac to strangers. The commercials are mild, yet suggestive and a little awkward!


China released an online ad campaign, called ‘Love is not a choice’ on Valentine’s Day weekend as a means of encouraging China’s LGBT community to come out of the closet. Given China’s strict auditing of media outlets, the government appears to be onboard with this campaign, which is hopeful for the future of LGBTs in China, where same-sex marriage is illegal.

“We did not choose to be heterosexual”, reads the copy that accompanies one of the ads, all of which feature couples in wholesome romantic relationships, including one with a man fixing his boyfriend’s necktie and another with a couple holding hands in their kitchen. 

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