Air New Zealand plays on the emotion of aviation to round out its 75th

Air New Zealand has run the full marketing gamut for its 75th anniversary celebrations, from the Te Papa exhibition (and associated travelling plane nose), quirky inflight experiences, social media giveaways, big discounts and plenty of archival footage put to very good use in its advertising (although, disappointingly, it’s removed its 50 Cent tribute video). Much of that has been quite whimsical, which is in keeping with the brand values. But it’s wrapped all that activity up and tried to hit the audience right in the feels with a 60 second brand ad that shows how the history of the airline is inextricably linked to the history of the nation. 

On its birthday, it sent Seldom Anygood into the skies to play a game of ‘It’s in the bag’.

And Air New Zealand also headed to Australia, one of its biggest markets, and gave Sydneysiders a taste of the past.  

Much of the 75th anniversary work has been done by True, which started off doing the airline’s inflight videos and has continued to get the nod for a lot of the ‘fun stuff’ ahead of the airline’s other agencies of record FCB and Saatchi & Saatchi. In the May/June edition of NZ Marketing, its ad about how little flying with Air New Zealand has changed over the years took top spot in the Campaign Review section. And as one of the judges Dave Elliott, general marketing manager at Mitre 10 said: “The idea to leverage the brand further into the national psyche and perhaps introduce a whole new generation to it was well achieved and even if you don’t head to Te Papa to see the exhibition, Air New Zealand’s brand equity is getting further absorbed into your own being through the use of heritage footage. Air New Zealand was and is us.”

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