Air New Zealand shares the Mother’s Day love to win May Ad Impact Award

With Mother’s Day falling last month, it’s no surprise the public chose Air New Zealand’s ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ as the winner of the Colmar Brunton May Ad Impact Award.

Featuring several young children sharing stories of what their mums went through when they were flying together, the video is designed to remind New Zealanders how much mothers do for them—even at 30,000 feet.

There’s a young boy who recalls using his mothers’ handbag as a “spew bag”, another who “cried the entire flight” and a girl who confesses that flying with children “tests the strongest bond”.

According to Colmar Brunton, New Zealanders found it to be a highly enjoyable ad and strengthens brand love for Air New Zealand, which is good for long-term equity. The ad also helps to distinguish Air New Zealand from other airlines as it provides new information.

“For the New Zealand public, this well-branded ad conveyed believable information and generated lots of talkability. The ad worked well to create an appeal for the brand and in return, kiwis are more likely to make use of Air New Zealand in the future.”

The runner-up for the award goes to New World, which also had a Mother’s Day themed creative. The ‘Mother’s Day off’ video shows the supermarket’s mothers being treated to a relaxing spa session, while their children covered for them. However, among the fun and games of playing with bread dough and running around, the children show that they don’t actually know what aubergines are or how to correctly give back change to customers.

Colmar Brunton says it was another well-branded execution that the New Zealand public enjoyed.

“The advert made kiwis think that New World is a trendsetter in its category and is different to other supermarkets. New World will be happy to know that the advert also made their brand more appealing and that the public are more likely to shop there in the future.”

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