Oh my reindeer: Air New Zealand helps create the nicest Christmas ever

An accidental email has a good outcome for this year’s Christmas as Air New Zealand helps naughty kids make it onto Santa’s nice list.

The ad, by Aussie agency Host Sydney, watches as Santa accidentally sends his Naughty List to Elvis Anderson instead of his Elves.

When Elvis discovers he’s made the list, he calls gathers his fellow Naughty List makers at a summit where representatives of each country pledge to reduce their bad behaviour.

Argentina plans to reduce its personal gas emissions by 27 percent, while England vows to eat its vegetables and Japan sets a goal to reduce hair-pulling by 30 percent.

When New Zealand takes to the microphone to make its pledge, plans to complete of chores and spend less time on phones is raised before a cheeky promise to be nicer to Australia is given with fingers crossed behind their backs.

This isn’t the first spot of bother Santa has found himself in. Last year, Air New Zealand showed him struggling to interpret the New Zealand accent when delivering his gifts. 

A Puggy bank, earplane and biscuit ball are just some of the misinterpretations made throughout the spot.

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