Air New Zealand celebrates love that goes the distance—UPDATED

Our national airline is warming hearts in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, with a new campaign ‘#goingthedistance’ that explores what love means to different people by asking viewers who they’ll be missing on the special day.

The 60-second video on its Facebook page travels the globe to see love expressed not only in romantic relationships but also in friendships and family. There’s a man on a fishing boat sending a message to a loved one, a father meeting his new-born child, a woman on a pay phone contacting someone overseas and two men embracing at an airport before the video asks viewers to tell Air New Zealand who they’ll be missing—”because you never know what life has in store”.

The campaign has been created and produced by Air New Zealand’s in-house team and its general manager, global brand and content marketing Jodi Williams says the airline connects thousands of loved ones every day, and these magical moments are behind the global invitation for people to share who they’ll be missing on 14 February.

“Reuniting loved ones is one of the greatest privileges of our industry and it’s this joy of bringing together cousins, sisters, friends, grandparents and partners that we’re celebrating. In just a few days, the video has already attracted close to half a million online views and we’re excited to see the stories unfold,” she says.

Since the video went live on Facebook over the weekend, many have taken to the comment section to share their stories about who they miss, including parents, children, siblings and best friends.

The idea of reuniting loved ones follows on from a video the airline released at Christmas, telling the story of a little girl who moved to Germany without Bear.

Alongside Air New Zealand staff, Bear travelled across the world to make it back to Norah and its adventures were captured along the way.

It’s also a throwback to last year’s Valentine’s Day campaign ‘Timeless Love‘, which saw Air New Zealand reunite a US WWII veteran with his long-lost English love after 71 years apart.

Norwood Thomas met Joyce Morris in 1943 and when Air New Zealand heard their story, it felt it had to get involved as it’s in the business of connecting people.

StopPress will update the story with the agency behind ‘#GoingTheDistance’ as soon as we receive confirmation from the airline.

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